Tips For More Effective Marketing

Tips for more effective marketingMarketing is a loaded word. It’s not just tweeting, sending email blasts, or uploading videos to YouTube.

In order to be a successful marketer, you must be able to develop and implement strategic marketing plans.

The keyword here is strategic!

You should be tweeting, emailing, and engaging in other marketing activities for a specific reason. By now, you should have¬†outlined your goals and developed a plan for achieving them; now it’s time to think about visibility and analysis.

Google Webmaster Tools and Google Analytics are powerful tools that help to better target and understand your audience. After a one-time setup, these tools will make your marketing efforts that much more effective.

Marketing & Google Webmaster Tools

Webmaster Tools are essential to managing to website’s visibility. First, you will have to verify ownership of your domain. Then submit your sitemap and decide what content, if any, you don’t want indexed by search engines. Also, discover which keywords are driving the most traffic to your website along with the number of impressions and clicks. Number of impressions, placement, and clicks should be an indication of the modifications needed in order to attract the right traffic to your website. Be sure to also use the Keyword Tool to get more traffic to your website.

Learn more about Google and SEO.

Webmaster Tools also allow you to determine your website’s search engine crawl rate, and geo target. Google provides some great instructional videos on YouTube for webmasters. It’s worth your time to watch them and apply these basic concepts for the benefit of your business.

Bing, the second largest search engine, also has Webmaster Tools. You’ll want to set up an account with them as well.

Marketing & Google Analytics

Now, here comes the fun part…analysis! Analytics is key to understanding your audience in order to develop more effective strategies in the future. I love that Google Analytics is powerful and free! Every marketer and business owner should be using some sort of web analytics tool. There’s no excuse! Even if you are not very web savvy, Google will quickly generate the code and instruct you on how to embed it into your website.

Google has a ton of useful analytics videos on YouTube that can instruct you on getting started or help you use their tools more effectively.

Have any questions about applying Google Webmaster Tools or Analytics to your marketing strategy?

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