Networking Is NOT Marketing

In response to my marketing tips for freelance writers post, a freelance writer told me that his marketing plan was to network. I agree that networking is essential…

but networking is NOT marketing.

Networking is NOT marketing
Networking is a lot like advertising. When you network, you exchange contact information with many different people and hope they remember you when opportunities arise.

When you conduct marketing activities, you actively seek out people and/or organizations with an immediate need for your product or service.

See how greatly networking and marketing differ?

You never want to be in a position where you are sitting around waiting for prospects to remember you.

This applies to all business owners, freelance writers, consultants, etc.

Carol Tice provides some great tips for freelance writers that all freelancers, regardless of area of expertise, can use.

You should definitely network, and networking on LinkedIn has major benefits. But don’t rely solely on networking to grow your business. You need a solid plan to get new clients, keep existing ones, and get referrals.

Successful marketing starts with a solid marketing plan. Your marketing plan should be thorough and reflect your SMART goals. Be sure to include direct and digital marketing efforts that your audience will respond to.

How do you know which channels your audience are most receptive to? Because you have thoroughly researched and defined your target audience in your business and marketing plans. The research you need is already out there. No need to reinvent the wheel!

Beginners should develop a short-term marketing plan and measure the results after about 3 months. You should be making adjustments to your strategy over the course of that 3-month trial period. Continue doing what works and replace activities that don’t get results.

If you are serious about your business, then you should have both plans! Yes freelancers, you are running a business and should have business and marketing plans as well.

Contact us or leave a comment below if you have questions or need help writing a business and/or marketing plan.

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