Top 5 Marketing Tips For The Freelance Writer

I recently met a great bunch of professional freelance writers who inspired this post. All of marketing tips for freelance writersthe marketing tips and techniques that I discuss on my blog also apply to freelance writers, but I wanted to pen a dedicated post.

Just like any other business, we understand the importance of blogging. Actually, we understand the concept of blogging for business even more than the average organization. So, it goes without saying that guest blogging presents amazing marketing opportunities for freelance writers. It shows that you have earned the respect of your peers and that your work is good enough to be published by others. It’s also helpful to guest blog within the same industry you already blog about. That way, you can increase your following and establish yourself as an industry expert quicker.

When you write posts (personal and guest posts) use social networks to publicize them. Obviously you know to broadcast your new posts on Facebook and Twitter, but what about Linkedin? You should be an active member of several relevant groups and share your blog posts with them. I have joined freelance writer groups as well as marketing groups on Linkedin. I can learn from both industries and market my freelance writing services to the marketing groups. Ask yourself these 5 questions before posting content to a LinkedIn group.

Also, don’t forget about Google+. Social media is just as important as SEO.

I would also like to offer freelance writers the same advice as any other business owner. Interact and engage! Respond to comments, conduct surveys on Facebook, interact with readers on Twitter. Your job is NOT done once your submit your post. Comment and link back to your website from other blogs as well to increase traffic to your blog and grab the attention of your peers.

Increasing your skills is important in every industry because it allows you to command higher pay for your services. Don’t just be a blogger. Learn to write for diverse audiences publish your work online, in print publications, and write corporate materials. Don’t overlook volunteer opportunities. Sometimes working for free is the best way to get your foot in the door. Sign up with Volunteer Match and help out a nonprofit organization in your area.

Finally, the most important tip I can offer any freelance writer (or business owner) is to develop a marketing plan. Without a marketing plan, you are relying solely on luck. How can you accomplish your goals without a plan? Be sure to include all of your social media, email, direct marketing, and any other marketing efforts you like to engage in. The key is to set SMART goals for each channel and use your marketing plan as the roadmap for achieving them.

What are your favorite freelance writer marketing tips?


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  1. Ayesha says:

    Absolutely! Freelance Writing is part writing and part marketing. Writers need to treat their craft as a business and interact with audience in order to establish credibility. Very useful post.

  2. [...] response to my marketing tips for freelance writers post, a freelance writer told me that his marketing plan was to network. I agree that networking is [...]

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