Being A Closed LinkedIn Networker Will Get You Nowhere

LinkedIn networkingIt amazes me at the number of people who pass on LinkedIn networking opportunities. I realize that LinkedIn was initially created for professionals to network and recommend other professionals that they already have relationships with.

But this is 2012!

Only networking with people you already know will get you absolutely nowhere.

Networking on LinkedIn is just as important as marketing on Linkedin.

After all, networking really is marketing!

Networking is about marketing your personal brand. You should dedicate time to marketing yourself on LinkedIn and other social media outlets. Here are a few tips for networking with LinkedIn.

The key to networking on LinkedIn is to make connections with many different people.

Never turn down a LinkedIn invitation!

Here’s why: What if you get laid off, along with the majority of the people in your industry. Since these are the people in your network, they are not in a position to help you or introduce you to others. They will reserve their connections for personal benefit. Remember all of those LinkedIn invitations you rejected because you didn’t know the sender? Well, those people are the ones you need the most. The ones who are not in your industry.

It is much more difficult to build a strong professional network all at once. You should already have it in place when you need it most. Relationships take time to build. They don’t happen over night.

Suppose you receive an invitation from someone just starting out in his/her career or from an assistant or receptionist. You may think, “what can this person do for me?” I’ll answer that one for you. A lot. Granted, this person may not have the authority to hire you, but they do have connections.

On LinkedIn, connections are a very valuable asset. Don’t write off a person simply because you think they have nothing to offer. They could be the link between you and that big client you have tried for months to land. He or she may “only” be a receptionist, but they could easily push a button and put you in touch with the boss.

LinkedIn is a great networking tool when used wisely. You should never turn down an invitation. Be sure to join relevant groups and interact with other professionals for maximum exposure and long-lasting relationships. Check out Guy Kawasaki’s suggestions on 10 ways to use LinkedIn.

I am an open LinkedIn networker and accept all invitations!

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  2. Mark Morris says:

    Nice post! Good to see that not everyone is “protectionist” when it comes to social media. I have clients ask all the time about page settings on various platforms. My question is always, Why would you want to cut off any possible good conversation out of fear of the bad!

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