The Ultimate Guide to Writing Incredible Blog Headlines

The last thing you want to do is hide an amazing blog post behind a lousy headline. Blog headlines determine whether or not your post will be read. And, let’s face it there are thousands of blogs out there, each vying for your reader’s attention. This number is growing everyday as more and more companies [...]

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Pimp Your Press Release For More Social Engagement

Gone are the days of the ‘blah’ press release. The press release is now a social media marketing tool that provides an inexpensive way for companies to share timely news and information with large audiences. Online press releases have some powerful search engine optimization (SEO) and social engagement capabilities that you should be taking advantage [...]

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What Every Marketer Can Learn From Chinese Food


I’ll admit it – I love to travel and I love to eat Chinese food! I am also a marketer always on the hunt for new ideas and inspiration. I have lived in and visited many states and countries. I always eat Chinese food, at least once, no matter where I am in the world. [...]

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Tips For More Effective Marketing


Marketing is a loaded word. It’s not just tweeting, sending email blasts, or uploading videos to YouTube. In order to be a successful marketer, you must be able to develop and implement strategic marketing plans. The keyword here is strategic! You should be tweeting, emailing, and engaging in other marketing activities for a specific reason. [...]

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How to Blog for Your Business

Blog for Business

Regardless of your industry or business size, you should be blogging. The benefits of blogging for your business include: Establish yourself/organization as an industry expert Increase organic search engine ranking Increase web traffic Increase revenue “Free” marketing Word-of-mouth marketing I’m guessing, by now, you are sold on the benefits of blogging and ready to get started. [...]

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Marketable – Where Marketing & Technology Meet

Marketable is set to launch on Monday, June 18th! The new blog will bring you the latest tech and social media news from a marketing perspective. Marketable is a must for marketing professionals, business owners, and tech enthusiasts. Topics on Marketable will be social media, mobile devices and apps, and lifestyle gadgets. They will offer free [...]

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Marketing with Pinterest

So, I finally have Tonya Walker Marketing Group set up on Pinterest and wanted to share a few marketing tips with you to maximize the visibility of your content. What is Pinterest? Pinterest is a highly addictive online social network of pinners. Users can follow one another, without seeking permission, and “Like,” comment on, and [...]

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Marketing with Linkedin

Linkedin is a professional networking site, but it can also be an effective marketing tool. Check out my most recent post featured at blur Group: 12 Tips for using Linkedin as a marketing tool 100% complete profile Public profile Customized URL Link to other social networks Check out the competition Join and form groups Never [...]

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10 essential tips to increase open and click rates in email marketing

1.    Subject lines. Your subject line should create urgency and briefly tell your reason for sending it. It should be relevant to the email’s content. Limit subject lines to 30-50 characters. Test subject lines to see what type of language your audience responds to. 2.    Incentives. Give readers a reason to click through (ie. free [...]

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